About the Author

Dora Bornschein is a Colorado native and has lived in Southern Colorado for most of her life. Many of Dora’s books are set in Colorado, where she found inspiration in the rugged, natural beauty juxtaposed against the sometimes harsh and desolate conditions. Dora loved spending time in the mountains and exploring the history of the area.

Dora had four grown children and was married to her late husband, Herb, for nearly 62 years. Dora was always a fan of murder mysteries, particularly those of Agatha Christie and P.D. James, which inspired her to begin writing murder mysteries of her own based on interesting people and events she observed throughout her eventful life.

Dora released her first mystery in 2005. The Volunteer: Murder at Willow Brook takes place in a Victorian mansion museum and introduces the sleuth, Detective Gene Statton, a lovable but shrewd investigator.

Dora's second novel, The Cattail Mystery, was released in the fall of 2006. This haunting story takes place in the Depression years and involves the disappearance of a 13-year-old girl.

Death Haunts the Tunnels, a sequel to the The Cattail Mystery, followed in 2007. In it, Detective Charlie Hatcher investigates a murder at an insane asylum. As a child during the Depression years, Dora attended elementary school in Pueblo across the street from the state mental institution. Death Haunts the Tunnels takes place in this hospital in 1940. Dora conducted extensive research on this particular hospital, learning how mental illnesses were treated at the time and how police work and the courts were conducted in those days. This story brings to life the reality of the mental hospitals of the past.

Red Creek Road, released in 2008, brings back Detective Gene Statton from The Volunteer. This time Gene and his new wife Jenny have to solve their own mystery. A letter they find hidden in their ranch house is the impetus for an exciting but dangerous adventure to find a murderer.

2009‘s Don’t Look Behind You was Dora’s first novel to take place primarily outside of Colorado. When Dora was a young teenager, she moved to Los Angeles with her ailing mother. The inspiration for this novel comes from a real life event, when Dora and her mother were stalked by a peeping tom who tried to break into their house. Dora paints a vivid picture of what it was like to live in Los Angeles during war time, providing a perfect backdrop for the mystery. The book transports readers back to when windows had to be covered and street lights were few and far between for fear of the Japanese bombing Los Angeles. Rationing was a way of life, and black marketing was prevalent.

Into the Depths, released in 2011, occurs during the 1921 flood in Pueblo, Colorado. The wealth of history encompassing this tragic event was a story Dora felt needed to be told. Not only was it the worst disaster to ever hit the town, the heroic deeds performed by ordinary citizens were numerous and often unsung. The backdrop of this event sets the stage for the book’s intriguing mystery.

In 2012, Dora decided to temporarily leave the fiction genre behind to tackle a topic that she felt strongly about: dealing with death. In Writing the Last Chapter, she used a commonsense approach to help others make the most of life and prepare for a dignified and peaceful death. The book was a comfort to her as she dealt with her husband Herb’s death later that year and faced her own in 2014.

Dora returned to murder mysteries in 2013 with her final novel, The Ophir Creek Mystery. The book is dedicated to her husband Herb, and she included many memories in it, such as his proposal, childhood pranks, and many of his favorite jokes. Set in Ophir Creek, where Herb spent many hours with his father as a young boy, the book once again features Gene Statton, who must use his modern investigative skills to solve a decades-old murder. 

Dora found great enjoyment and solace from her writing, and she hopes that her readers will enjoy her mysteries, too.

Dora with her twin brothers, Kale (left) and Dale (right) Milberger.


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