Local Author’s Latest Murder Mystery Takes a Departure

Pueblo, Colorado -- December 15, 2009 -- Local mystery author Dora Bornschein’s first four books all have one thing in common--they take place in Pueblo. Dora’s newest book, Don’t Look Behind You, however, is her first book set primarily outside of Colorado, although it still brings readers back to the writer’s beloved home state.

Don’t Look Behind You is based on events that took place in Dora’s life as a teenager when she moved from Colorado to Los Angeles during the second world war with her ailing mother.

“Back in those days, while the war was going on, it was almost impossible to get telephone service,” says Dora. “So when a peeping tom started harassing us we had no way to call the police. Also, we had no close neighbors. My mother wouldn’t tell my sisters, saying she didn’t want to worry them. At first I wasn’t that scared, but when he tried to break into our home on several occasions, it was impossible not to be frightened and concerned.”

Although the episode was extremely upsetting, it provided the perfect basis for a plot. Many of the events in Don’t Look Behind You actually happened to Dora and her mother. The author paints a vivid picture of what it was like to live in Los Angeles during war time, providing a perfect backdrop for the mystery. The book transports readers back to when windows had to be covered and street lights were few and far between for fear of the Japanese bombing Los Angeles. Rationing was a way of life, and black marketing was prevalent.

Dora began writing murder mysteries in 2005 and has released a book a year since then. “When I first started to write mysteries at the grand old age of 72, I would never have guessed how much enjoyment and fulfillment writing would bring into my life. It seems I have to write to live, and that may explain why I’ve been able to produce a book a year. However, the real credit goes to my great team of helpers, made up of my two daughters and grandson. Without them, my books would never have been published.”

Dora will introduce her readers to Don’t Look Behind You at a reception that will take place on December 19th from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Rosemount Museum’s Carriage House Restaurant at 419 West 14th Street in Pueblo. Copies of her first four books will be available

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